Orgonite is the alchemical mix of metals, quartz crystal and synthetic resin. These orgonites, made by WIZART (my ‘brother’ in Spain) have been created with the Reiki ‘Cho Ku Rei’ Power symbol included on the back, and further charged and energized by myself through various New & Full Moons and Lunar and Solar Eclipses. They have been blessed with love & healing energy too.


Orgonite helps to protect you from electromagnetic harm and pollution produced by a range of electronic devices. Technology is all around, but we should still protect our subtle energy field and bodies! Unhealthy EMF waves come from mobiles, wifi signals, laptops and computers, HAARP, geopathic zones, and essentially any technological gadget we find ourselves in close range to.


ORGONITE generates a high vibrational energy field, strengthens your magnetic field (or aura), increases inner balance and vitality, cleanses harmful energies, purifies the atmosphere, increases anti-oxidant activity, and enhances peace and mental clarity. It can increase your spiritual vibration whilst keeping your emotions stabilized and balanced.


It generally emits a positive and healing frequency for mind, body & spirit well-being.



This orgonite has Gold 24K, Silver 925, copper, bronze and brass. Prana or chi are expanded with orgonite energy.


The gemstones included in the creation process are:
Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye, Amber, Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst.


This creates a rainbow effect, a wave of energy linked to kundalini activation/awakening. Each crystal used corresponds with a chakra- root to crown! In the centre of the orgonite is a double terminated hexagonal Herkimer quart crystal, which produces healthy ions while neutralizing negative ones.


In addition, these magical orgonites have been supercharged with Selenite (aligns you with higher dimensional consciousness), Sunguit (extra shield against EMF), Rose petals (Mother Earth & grounding connection), and Palo Santo (a holy wood with cleansing properties). Himalayan salt and a Reiki Spiral have been added.


With love, Grace x

Tree (Ancient) ORGONITE, orgonite necklace (large)