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Updated: Oct 14

EBOOK AND BOOK CREATION: Creative & Content Writing ✧

All project packages include quality, original, and plagiarism-free content. A selection of high quality copyright-free images can be included as part of the price. I also do a quick proofread and spell-check, and can write your Author Bio, Acknowledgements, and any other supporting information for you. I follow an Amazon kindle (ebook) aligned format and can write in American or British English.

My starting prices begin at $5 per 100 words, which works out as $500 for a 10K e/book. This is reduced on a sliding scale based on individual needs, personal income and budget, and whether you're an individual and/or community organization or a larger business.

I am happy to sign a ghostwriter contract or agreement or be mentioned as a co-author.

The topics I am able to provide content for, in addition to creative writing (such as a story or poetic verse to accompany music, art, or fiction or non- fiction existing material) are:

✧Nature and the environment

✧The holistic sciences


✧Meditation and mindfulness

✧Quantum physics



✧Music, specifically Bass or guitar related content, or Sound therapy

✧Creativity/creative expression

✧Self help and development

✧Dreaming and the subconscious




✧Children's books

✧Children's poetry books

✧Meditation and hypnosis scripts


✧Healing and holistic health


✧Alternative medicine, and

✧A number of unique therapy fields (please see my qualifications and diplomas in "Education.")


I also have Specialist packages: Astrology Soul Reports (birth/natal chart) and Compatibility Reports; and Dream Reports (dream interpretation). More on these can be seen here:

You will get a Soul Report, an Astrology Natal chart Reading, In depth | Upwork

You will get a Dream Report, Dream Interpretation by a dream therapist | Upwork

These can be booked independently through myself, you don't have to go through Upwork!


ARTICLE AND BLOG CREATION: Creative and Content Writing ✧

Articles and blogs vary according to your needs. My general rule is that I would kindly ask to receive a minimum of $3- 5 per 100 words, or $33- 55 p/h. (All prices converted into £.)

I can write about any of the topics mentioned above and travel.


EDITING AND PROOFREADING: Editing and Proofreading (Blogs, eBooks, articles...)

For an e/book or poetry book you are looking to pay between $220- 1200, length dependent. This includes conversion to the correct formatting (if necessary), an in depth immersion and edit; creative input, and a further final scan and embellishment with my own Creative input and advise is offered with light ghostwriting. Help with a biography and advice and guidance regarding authorship also come with the price!

Line editing and copy editing are both included, so in addition to all spelling/grammar/punctuation rectifications, I also offer adjustments to word flow and actual content ("light ghostwriting").

I am a published author of a book of poetry which involved editing. I have also worked on a number of books, all with 5 star reviews. Public responses to my debut book can be found here: A Message from Source Reviews


SPECIAL COMMISSIONS: Creative and Poetic Commissions, Personalized Projects ✧

If you would like my expertise and unique input and perspectives on your heartfelt project, please feel free to get in touch. My email is

I am a poet, wordsmith and highly creative being. My style and approach is intuitive, emotive, intellectual and logical- I am very balanced and integrated and this reflects in my writing and services. If you would like to see some samples of my past works please feel free to ask.

A more detailed account of my services, experience and prices can be seen here:


AD HOC SERVICES: Website design and creation, Graphic Design (inc. front cover illustrations)

I can design you a beautiful website complete with an online shop, blog, and services page. I primarily work with Wix, however can work with Wordpress and a few others upon request. My own website, Grace Gabriella Unlimited, and my other, The Healing Arts | grace (, have been created, written and designed exclusively by myself. My prices are much lower than the norm, but this doesn't compromise on quality or dedication. (Whereas someone might charge you $1200, I ask for around $440!)

For Book illustrations including front cover, interior or exterior design, etc. ~ or social media posts and promotional ads, I use BeFunky; a fabulous Photoshop alternative.

Portfolio (a website I designed for a lady in the US):


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