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Updated: Mar 8

(To get an idea of what I do...)

2012: 'The Rebirth!'

In 2012 I broke down all my illusions and embarked on the Fool's journey. I stepped into the unknown, literally, and went on my first solo travels. I pilgrimaged through Thailand, volunteered with elephants, climbed mountains off the normal track, and wrote my first poems- which later became the start of my journey as a writer and author.

2013/ 2014: 'Transitions'

In the years after my travels and before fully stepping into my career and profession, I enrolled in a number of studies which are now some of my specialist subject areas. I became a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Herbalist and Holistic therapist and developed my experience and wisdom in meditation, mindfulness and sound therapy. I also wrote my debut book.

In November 2014 my first book, A Message from Source, was published- a collection of 33 poems exploring our connection to one another, our beautiful planet and universe.

2015: 'Clear Sight'

In 2015 I stepped fully into my new found role as author, speaker and poet, presenting talks and poetry shares around the UK, and holding workshops and expression events (poetry/ speaking/ sharing/ creativity) based on personal power, creative freedom and authenticity. I contributed a number of articles for MBS (mind- body- spirit) magazines in the UK with themes including nature, the power of language and poetry, shamanism, creativity, travel, community, philosophy, healing, holistic health and culture. Furthermore, I presented an "author talk" at Watkins Bookstore in the heart of London, Leicester Square. Here I shared readings from my book and talked about the themes and perspectives inherent.

2016: 'New Levels'

In 2016 I got voted as one of the UK's Leading Evolutionaries on a public vote by Source.tv, a global platform created by a former BBC Dragon's Den Star. This honorable recognition was based on my spoken word performance from my debut book, also referred to as a guided or transcendental meditation. I further collaborated with the international Women's Spiritual Poetry Project and shared unique poems to their book, 'Poetry As A Spiritual Practice: Illuminating the Awakened Woman.' (And to the subsequent 2017 book, 'Goddess: When She Rules.') Creativity, connection and community drive all of my actions and intentions in both the artistic and spiritual worlds!

2017: 'Natural Progression'

In 2017 I focused on developing my writing skills and learned about SEO, also working behind the scenes on some personal projects I hold true to my goals and dreams. I immersed myself in music, evolved my skills as a bass player, expanded my personal knowledge in a variety of specialist subjects, and put the finishing touches in place for later creations. Finally, 'A Story of How We Met' was birthed, a commissioned project in memory of the famous artist, Gustav Metzger, through initiation by a mutual friend.

2018: 'Celestial Poetry' & 'Company Creation'

www.celestialpoetry.co.uk was finally created after years of intentions and ideas. I also grounded my vision and writing skills into my new business, and officially registered in the UK as a professional writer through the creation of Grace Gabriella LTD. For all intents and purposes, this is referred to as Grace Gabriela Unlimited, as I and we are all sovereign and limitless beings. My trading names are Grace Gabriella Services, or Grace Gabriella Unlimited.

I continued my studies and qualified as a Dream Therapist and Chi Kung Practitioner.

2019: 'A Story of One'

In 2019 my second book finally became published. This collection of poetry was being created and perfected since the release of my debut book; higher consciousness, philosophical and spiritual, mystically oriented poetry. It marks a sense of completion into adulthood, maturity and independence whilst simultaneously translating collective themes of light and dark, love and shadow, and spirit and humanity through poetry.

I also decided to immerse myself fully into my writing and created an account on Upwork. I have edited poetry books and novels, written articles and blogs, and become a ghostwriter specialising in high quality eBooks in my knowledge fields, all professionally.

Now, my life is a balance between my personal projects, books, writings and endeavours and the services I offer others. I am always open to take on commissions- either creative, poetic or technical- in the forms of editing, proofreading, creative writing, content writing, ghostwriting and article and eBook creation.

A full scope of projects I have worked on, with clientele feedback, can be seen here:


2021: 'Future Intentions'

My third and final collection of poetry will be published some time in the coming years, and I hope to create a world- class and transformation documentary 'nature film,' sharing the beauty and wisdom of our planet and her inhabitants through spoken word. I also am implementing my vision of bringing together many artists, creatives, spiritual seekers and healers for collective and heart centred collaborations.

Spirit, heart, passion, purpose and Soul are the intentions for all of my future endeavours.

Full list of Credentials and Qualifications:-

✧Reiki Master Teacher (metaphysical studies and energy healing)

✧Dream therapist

✧Chi Kung practitioner


✧Crystal therapist

✧Shamanic healer, practitioner and energy worker



Full list of relevant and grounded experience:-

✧Creative development workshop facilitator

✧Spiritual development workshop facilitator

✧Guided Meditations/ shares and circles

✧Poetry shares and circles

✧Teacher of the Healing Arts: courses

✧International collaborations

Published Words/ Books:-

✧A Message from Source, Local Legend Publishing, 2014

✧A Story of One, Golden Dragonfly Press, 2020

✧Earth Print, Publisher unknown, 2022- 2025 (t.b.a)


A Message from Source, debut book.

A Story of One, second book.

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