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*NEW*- Illustrative Services!

Starting at the end of 2019 I will be offering illustrative services. Through my role as an author, poet, creative and spiritual teacher/ healer/ being, I am deeply connected to many passionate and talented artists. I now, therefore, offer illustrative services. Don't worry, you will never have to deal with a middle wo/man, however can of course be passed on the artist's contact details to express gratitude/ love/ connect etc.

All contracts, finished work and payments will be dealt with solely between myself and yourself, as I have a personal arrangement with my network of artists & illustrators. I receive a small exchange fee for the administrative work, communications and connections and make sure the Artist is fairly paid for their hard work, energy and services. (Its a win win experience!)

Business name: Grace Gabriella LTD

Trading names: Grace Gabriella Unlimited/ Services. ✧

All illustrators specialise in the topics expressed in my writing services, however, to re- cap, the illustrative services I can provide will be in the following themes/ fields:

✧Nature and the environment

✧Spirituality/ spiritual concepts

✧Metaphysics/ metaphysical concepts

✧Consciousness- our connection to the divine, etc

✧Abstract philosophies and/ or universal symbolism


✧Children's books

✧Goddesses/ deities/ archetypes- Great for Tarot or Oracle- style books & cards

✧Comics or children's stories

✧Poetry books

✧Special plants, herbs or natural entities


The Artists I am connected to are deeply in tune with the concepts and themes they aim to re- create. Beauty is the intention. Spirit, heart, passion & Soul define all of the unique artists I work with.

If you are interested in hiring a talented artist through myself, please email me at gracegabriella33@gmail.com with your requirements. I can then present you with a range of gifted and available illustrators and their portfolio samples.

Grace Gabriella Services, as part of Grace Gabriella Unlimited.

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About Me

I am an author, writer and poet with a passion for travel, community and culture. The best way to receive a greater sense of me and what I represent is to look at my portfolio, skills and past experience!


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