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My name is Grace Gabriella Puskas and I am a professional writer, author and poet. In 2014 I won a national writing competition resulting in the publication of my debut book of poetry, A Message from Source; a collection of 33 poems bringing awareness to our connection to one another, our beautiful planet, and the world as a whole. 

Since becoming an author I have written articles for MBS (mind- body- spirit) magazines in the UK, held poetry shares and circles, and given author talks and inspirational readings across the UK and Europe. I am inspired by female empowerment, creativity and community and enjoy holding workshops and events themed on creativity and authentic expression.

In 2016 I became voted into the 'UK's Leading Evolutionaries' on a public vote by Source.tv, recognized for my contributions to society via spoken word. My first national blog- Celestial Poetry- was created in 2018, sharing wisdom and daily insights into current astrological and energetic currents, through poetry. My second book, A Story of One: Transcendance, was published recently in the Spring of 2019. This second collection is 'a poetic love story' with strong themes of music, telepathy, soulmate love, friendship; and philosophical 'higher consciousness' themes. 

I am perpetually working on commissions, one of my most memorable clients being trusted friend and associate of the famous artist Gustav Metzger, and am very active on Upwork where I love connecting with people from around the world seeking assistance with writing, editing or poetry!


Please email me at gracegabriella33@gmail.com to make contact.

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About Me

I am an author, writer and poet with a passion for travel, community and culture. The best way to receive a greater sense of me and what I represent is to look at my portfolio, skills and past experience!


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